Ryder is finally 4 weeks old and we had time to go meet him yesterday. First impression we got from him was, he is a big boy. He was also the calmest puppy (and quietest) of the bunch - he was the only boy out of all 7 puppies. He's also a light red, but we think he'll darken when he gets older. His muzzle & ears are dark. We can't wait to bring this boy home. Mike will be taking a couple days off from work so he can have his time with Ryder before he has to go to work then it will be all me housebreaking & training him. He'd do mornings and I'd do late mornings/afternoons and LATE nights (if needed) while Mike does nights too. I've already ordered two dog tags - a extra so just in case if he loses it or chews it up pretty good. Alright, I took a couple pictures but I didn't realize how difficult it was to with a iPhone and they move around nonstop! So I promise, next time, which probably would be when we bring him home, I will have a lot of pictures to share!

(I know I won't be able to do this forever so it just really shows you how big he is, compared to me at 4'9")