Its been one stressful and exhausting month. My father in law has been very ill for a couple years, and his illness turned terminal. My husband has been in a rather weird state of denial. My father in law passed away this morning and its just now hitting my husband, many hours later

I have been working insane hours thanks to the boss deciding the rennovate the store during the beginning of busy season. I've been enjoying an average of one day off every two weeks since the beginning of October. My last day off was last tuesday. My next day off is this Thursday. Yes, as in Thanksgiving. My next day off will be December 7th. I am stressed. Exhausted. Fried.

The funeral will be Wednesday. Will it seem like I'm using the death as an excuse to take Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesay off? I know I'll be able to work at least most of Monday. I'm supposed to go to headquearters for training on tuesday; if I'm being 100% honest, I'd take ANY excuse to get out of the training. Its remedial training. I do not need remedial training. They use me as a trainer! but thanks to the move last month, my sales stats slipped. Ugh, gee, if I'm lifting a sofa onto a dolly to move it clear across the store, do you really think I can focus on selling someone a livingroom set? So, because my stats slipped, it company policy to send the slippee to training. Lucky me. I got enrolled.

Its blowing my mind already with the things I need to get done for this funeral! My husband has no clothes. Yes, as a fully grown adult, he theoretically is capable of buying a new outfit on his own. As a man with mental issues already, sitting besides me having a panic attack? Shopping will be a whole lotta fun. I also have to make a matting with a lot of little cutouts to make collages for the funeral. I've done this for every family member for 20 years. Then I frame them. They take F-o-r-e-v-e-r to lay out and cut. I figured I can take it to work and sit at my desk laying it out if I have to go. Not to mention cleaning the house because people are coming from out of town and staying with us for a couple days. Yikes! Of course I need to go on a marathon cleaning jag.

And on top of all this, my daughter is due to have the baby any moment now. As in, I can imagine them lowering the casket in to the ground when she screams that her water broke. It seems like this is the luck we're having lately.

Hmmm..... this kinda wandered a rambling road. I need to know if its weird to ask for Monday through Wednesday off as berievement time. My HR department says I am able to take those days. Its written in the employee handbook. Its just there's a lot going on at work that I do still need to be there for. Maybe work my shift tomorrow night from 5-9 instead of the full 12-9 (because so far there's nobody to cover the second half of my shift) Then take Tuesday off just because I want out of the dang training? Wednesday is obviously off because its the day of the funeral.

Funny side note. Even with all this stress, we were coming out of the pharmacy tonight and a reporter approached us for their yearly insert where local residents say what they're thankful for (my soon to be born grandson, my husband, my family, and the fact that I have a job!) He took my picture. It made me realize that even in this stressfuly time I DO have things to be happy and greatful for. After we walked to the car, I added to huuby, "I'm thankful I'm skinny for the photo!" As I worried how today was the first day in ages and ages where I walked out the door without makeup. At least I'm skinny, have my husband, my job, and baby Logan on the way