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Thread: What A NightMare!!! Test Results Are In!!! Update 12-31-12

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    What A NightMare!!! Test Results Are In!!! Update 12-31-12

    Some of you know that I've been dealing with eye infections in some of my cats. I've treated the cats with various antibiotic eye drops and even some oral antibiotics. It kept coming back so then I treated all of my cats with Oxytetracycline eye drops twice a day for one month. My vet suspected Chlamydia since Rory & Radar brought it in with them and they were in an adoption room that had been an aviary. I guess birds can carry Chlamydia.

    Everyone was fine while they were on the eye drops. About a week later, I noticed that Blaze's right eye was red and he was squinting. Then the next day I noticed that Colby's right eye was red and watery. I e-mailed my vet about this and I suggested that she do a test to determine what's causing this. I took Blaze in early this morning and she swabbed his eye and the back of his throat. It also looks like he's been scratching his ear so I then thought that it could be allergies. I won't get the test results back until some time on Tues. When I got home I noticed that now Radar's right eye is red and infected. I had also noticed that Alani's left eye has gooy white discharge and is a bit red. I fed the cats and then went back to bed for a while. Now I notice that Finnegan's right eye is red and watery and he's never shown symptoms before.

    My vet had also thought that it might be the herpes virus causing this so I even gave everyone lysine for a while but it didn't really seem to help much. I've spent a small fortune on eye drops and I have one bottle of Oxytetracycline left. I was told to use it on Blaze's eye until I get the results back. Now I guess I'll be medicating all cats that have this. Please send some positive vibes my way so the lab test results will let me know what I'm dealing with and this eye infection nightmare will finally come to an end. I sure hope that whatever it is can be easily treated. Thanks in advance.
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