Not to air my dirty laundry, but I need some advice. thoughts, etc. I hope that you will be kind because chastising me doesn't change the situation. i can kick myself far harder.

I have put away the credit cards and am enjoying life without them. However, I still have that debt. I am only working part-time and my outgoing is still more than my incoming and that is the necessities. I have some small savings that I am using to bridge the difference. I am looking for other part time work such as tutoring that won't damage the health progress that I have made.

One company has been just rude. It's Sears Citi. harassing phone calls. Calling me up and hanging up on me. Or I call them and they hang up. I don't really owe them a lot, comparatively speaking.

ATT also is Citi but appeared to try to work with me. I owe them a ton and they want more than the 25 per month I might spare.

Cap one has a protection plan and I will see if that works. I don't owe them much.

Bank of America I owe them a ton, too, and had a good rate. I started this last year in an attempt to pay things off. Liquidated savings to pay some stuff off.

This last year was so stressful as y'all know. So not only did a lot of doctor's and hospital bills go on credit so did a lot of retail therapy. i was stressed beyond belief and didn't care. and I really thought I would have a job by the time school started. i found out later that schools were hiring new teachers from out of state. Didn't even post on their own websites. you can almost pay two teachers on my salary. SIGH. And just 4 years until I can retire. full or pat time doesn't matter. At least I do't think it does. It will affect my ability to get insurance cheaply.

I might ask my doctor about some sort of disability statement. It has taken me awhile to feel better. Still progress to be made.

So my question is "what are the credit card companies likely to do?" I know they can sue, but will they? I know the credit rating will suck for several years. But can they garnish wages if that put me out of my home? What about bankruptcy?

I know any advice given is to be taken with consideration. I think I am looking for your stories (only if you feel like it) and re-assurances.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will respond even if only to wish me luck.