First of 99 pictures I took today at the 51st Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade.It was a nice day,a little cloudy then sunny,around 45-46F.Mom went again this year,Marlene came down with Shannon,her friend Jamie and Brandyn and Samantha.I am dedicating these pictures in memory of Terry(Daisy and Delilah),she always loved the pictures I would show from the parades and would give lovely comments about them.#1-4:Clarington Emergency Fire Services including Aerial1,Fire Mascot Sparky riding in an ATV and Clarington Fire Chief's car with parade announcer Kevin Anyan,#5-1970's Police Car,#6&7-Parade Banner,#8-Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade Committee Float,#9&10-Branch#178 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band and Color Party.