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Thread: It never rains but it pours...

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    It never rains but it pours...

    Last week Charlie had a FIC flare-up. Last night Sherpa started going in and out of the box and leaving little grape-sized urine balls behind him.

    My paranoid brain went "ZOMGWTFBBQ HE IS BLOCKED AND HE IS GOING TO DIE GET HIM TO THE EMERGENCY CLINIC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ..........Meanwhile Sherpa is eating, playing, and being his normal pesky self.

    Luckily my sister in law is a registered vet tech with more than a decade of work in a cat-only hospital behind her, and she has seen LOTS of blocked cats. She came over immediately and looked him over, felt that his bladder was still quite small and declared that he could wait until morning.

    This morning my regular doctor wasn't available, so I was a little nervous as I hadn't met his partner before. As it turns out, she's just as great as my regular vet, and Sherpa was quite comfortable with her too. His bladder was too small for her to get a guud urine sample (YAY SMALL BLADDER) so she gave him some fluids and kept him for a few hours so she could get some urine. She is confident that there is no blockage, just an infection. We'll get the results from the urine over the weekend (she checks labwork online and calls clients from home, how neat!), and the clinic does have limited weekend hours, so I'll be able to pick up the appropriate medication ASAP once we figure out what's going on.

    For now he gets extra slushy wet food, which isn't his favorite.

    I don't have any recent pictures of Sherpa, but here are a couple I've posted before.

    With his stripes on...

    And here's how he looks these days. Since I started shaving him, his vomiting has stopped completely. He was vomiting 4-5 times a week for YEARS and we could never figure out why. You can tell he's really impressed with the haircut, LoL!
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