Hi Trigger, you beautiful bunny boy! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
You are just too, too cute for words, Trigger! Your photos, especially your close-up, having me beaming from ear to ear! Speaking of ears, yours are the best...love them in helicopter mode!

I can't imagine how anyone could abuse a sweet, defenseless animal, but thankfully you found your way into rescue, and into the loving arms of a forever family, a seasoned bunny family, who will cherish you and love you all the days of your life! We can't blame you for being a bit skittish at first, as you settle into your new life and get acquainted with your person. But already you've made great strides, learning to trust, and I have no doubt with time you will grow into the most confident bunny on earth! Great thanks to your person for going the rescue route, giving one most deserving bunny a 2nd chance at happiness!!!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweet bunny boy! Enjoy your much deserved day in the spotlight, being pampered to pieces and loved to bits by your proud person!
Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Trigger!