we have a dog show this next weekend.. I'm a bit nervous haha.. it's been a while since the last one I went to..
now it will be Zelda's turn.. I don't think she's completely ready for it.. but it's a kinda let's see how she does and have fun.. she went to doggy day care to socialize with other dogs.. strange dogs.. so she didn't got spooked so easily..

she walks ok now.. she did not tolerated the leash at all.. and she poses ok.. but for like 2 secs.. she has the attention span of a fly..

I was really caught off guard with it being too soon.. and me not properly train her way before.. but oh well.. just being there will be fun.. if she wins anything it 'd be a plus.. if not.. it would be just as fun..

I'm nervous.. I feel butterflies.. hahahaha

and I need a nanny :P .. I can take my kid with no prob but can't take baby.. and my folks are going out of town.. :/ .. I might have to beg the inlaws.. lol..