Hi fellow kitties,
I've heard Meowmie and Soncat talking about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner next week. As we all get special treats that day, our turkey friends aren't so lucky because they ARE the treat. As we've done before, I've arranged for the Catmobile to arrive at my place on Tuesday so that we can again rescue the turkeys. I've been in touch with a nice dog in Washington. He will arrange for us to bring the turkeys we rescue down there where they'll all be pardoned by the president then go to a nice, quiet no-kill turkey farm where they'll be safe, happy and very well fed. There will be plenty of cheezburgers and some fine fare from the Haggis In A Hurry Shoppe for all of us to enjoy while we make our rounds.

Please fellow kitties, come join in. As soon as you can, post in and let me know you're coming. Our turkey friends need us!

Your friend,