CONTACT: Christine MacMurray, 917 312-0193

Dear Alley Cat Allies Friend:

I was given your name and contact information as someone I could call on for help with the creation of a feral cat colony in my backyard in Camden, NJ.

I have been creating the colony with much success and enjoying immensely watching these cats got from skinny and sick to healthy and happy. I have one pressing problem.

There is one female cat I cannot catch. She will not go near a trap. We have staked her out several times, camouflaging ourselves, etc, but every attempt to grab her has failed. She is extremely suspicious and incredibly fast at the getting away..

I need some clever and resourceful ideas for catching this cat. She has already been pregnant once, abandoned her kittens, which we raised and placed. Now she is injured--cannot put any weight on her right forelimb--and she's out there getting pregnant again. She comes two or three times a day to our backyard to eat.

Please send me any ideas you may have. We're willing to try anything.

Christine MacMurray
917 312-0193