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Thread: STUNNING pictures of Grendel!

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    STUNNING pictures of Grendel!

    A friend of a friend came by a few weeks ago to take photos of Grendel for me. Naturally, he was DEEP in blue when she arrived, but she made the best of it and got some stunning photos!

    I tried to pick my favorites to post, but I just couldn't, so here's a TON of pics. I saved the best for last!!

    One of the ones I'm having prints made of. Wow.

    Hello there!

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    Love those zombie eyes...

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    Obligatory tongue shot!!

    Same pose, no tongue!

    Just a teeny bit of tongue favorite one of the bunch!

    A HUGE Thank You to Rooty for taking these photos and editing them for me!! You're the best!!!

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    WOW These are absouletly breath-taking! Your friend did a wonderful job. Grendel should become a model.

    RIP Sally

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    He's so shiny he almost doesn't look real!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Thank you. I love looking at this snake. I'm thankful he's so friendly, because he gets WAY more one-on-one time than any of the others, just so I can look at him.


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