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Thread: FAIRFAX, VA (SAFE ALREADY! see msg 2): SUPER URGENT CH kitty needs home immediately!!!

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    FAIRFAX, VA (SAFE ALREADY! see msg 2): SUPER URGENT CH kitty needs home immediately!!!

    CONTACT: [email protected]. (renaf (AT)

    URGENT IN DC METRO. PLEASE share and help.

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    This is Meredith. She is a 6 month old sweet, loving female kitten who was born with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).

    CH does NOT get worse. CH cats are NOT sick. They are merely uncoordinated (the under-development of the cerebellum causes these coordination issues). She doesn't need anything other than a loving home where she will be inside only and where she can keep her claws, which are essential to her mobility. Meredith is in a foster program attached to a kill shelter. Meredith *occasionally* (and rarely) has trouble getting into her kitty box, which causes her to sometimes miss the box when she poops. Because of this, the shelter is telling her foster mom that she's unadoptable and will need to be euthanized. This is a MAJOR URGENT situation.

    I need a rescue/foster to step forward for her right away. She loves people (kids and adults) and other cats. She's ok with some friendly dogs as well. She purrs and snuggles and loves. Her litterbox issues (even though minor) can be managed with a household willing to try to give her a low-sided litterbox that she can get into. She can master this with time and patience and love!! PLEASE share and help.

    I am the contact for now. [email protected] (renaf (AT) I can put you in touch with her foster if you need additional information!!
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