Hi Minga in Sweden! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
Aww, what a precious little hammie you are, Minga...a heart stealer of the highest order! Your photos are simply heart melting...love that custom made, "natural" background/scene, which compliments your snow white coat to perfection, and just as your Mommy says, you're super model material, for sure! And your little furry sibling is quite the cutie too! You two might not be the best of buds, though you wouldn't know it by the shots of you two together, but who knows, maybe with time you'll come to love each other just as much as your Mommy loves you both! For now, not such a bad deal, the two of you each getting all of that quality, one on one cuddle time!
How doubly blessed your Mom and Dad are, having two sweet and loving furkids in you and your hammie sib, bringing so much joy to their days!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie pie! Hope you and your furry sidekick are both enjoying a very special, fun and love filled "top pet" day. You both deserve it!
Love and cuddles and little kisses to you, precious Minga, to to your hammie sib, too!