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Thread: Interesting Video. Will Your Dog Protect Your Home?

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    Interesting Video. Will Your Dog Protect Your Home?

    Found this video on another site.
    Quite interesting to see how the dogs react while the owners are away and a stranger comes into their house.

    How do you think your dog would react?

    I don't think Taggart would do much... Probably he would either take off or hide in the closet, lol.

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    I've always wanted to do this test with my dogs. I think mine would bark at first, then as soon as the intruder talked to them they'd be all wiggles and licks.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    With my grandpuppies Zoey and Sunshine, they would be barking before anyone even got the door opened. Not sure what they would do after that.

    Same with Comet. He has a big bark and scared off the mail lady once at their house. LOL.

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    I think my little girls would bark and that's about it. They might aggravate the bad guy by barking a lot & they might lick him/her into submission . Sissy has this high pitched voice--rather irritating after awhile. LilGirl's voice is not as shrill. When Annie barks outside, the girls are a double echo. It gets crazy when all three are barking. What would Annie do? Hmmm, I think she would go far away from the person and she might bark, not sure. Unfortunately crooks dont have to worry about my dogs.

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    They'd definitely bark if someone came to the door or tried to get inside. I really doubt they'd do anything once they got in. Probably go for attention My last Lab, Josie, may have attacked. She was very protective of me and even just certain men walking up to me outside would get her barking. A drunk man approached me once late at night and he scared me and kept asking to see Josie. I said no she's not friendly. (not thinking she'd do anything but the guy was creepy) Anyway the guy said he didn't care and came up to me anyway and she started barking and even snapped at him when he got too close. He immediately backed off and went a different way. I was thankful for that. That was the only time she ever snapped though.

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    That video was really interesting.

    Well, we know what Ethan would do... Basically, my sister used to be really bad about not answering her phone during the day. This sometimes worried my mum, so she called in a favor to a few local policemen (my cousin was a well-respected member of the force at the time). They went to go check on my sister, but after they found the front door locked, (with permission) they kicked the door open. We warned them about Ethan, since we were pretty darn certain he would bite. It turns out that his form of defending the home includes releasing his bowels all over the living room. He never bit, just barked and kept his distance. Hey, maybe he thought he could slow down their escape if they slipped in a pile of you-know-what?

    I don't remember if we had Sala at the time. I'm 90% certain that she would just follow them room to room trying to get them to pet her.


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