Oh, be still my heart! What a beautiful, sweet, simply adorable Glider you are, Baby Girl! Those BIG, soulful brown eyes, those precious pink paws, pink little nose, and ears, are heart melting! (Oh, that close up...THUD!!!) And how magnificent is that shot of you in full out glider mode...what a fantastic pic! But I have to admit that one of you playing with your car had me smiling from ear to ear, from the inside out, probably permanently! What a lucky, lucky human is yours, having been blessed with a "first" as special, as sweet and loving and joyful as you!!! You two make for one perfect match, and I hope for you and her/him, many, many more happy, fun and love filled years together!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweet Baby Girl! Enjoy a very special, fun filled Pet of the Day, being pampered to pieces! You sure deserve it!!!
Lots of love, gentle cuddles and little kisses to you, beautiful Baby Girl!