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    Symptoms of a spoiled dog:

    Getting one's own plate for breakfast (eggs, hash and toast)

    Poking one's humans in the ribs asking for attention........and getting it.

    Getting escorted out to go piddle in bad weather.....or at night.
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    Awww, Lady... I don't think you're spoiled. Much loved, yes! But spoiled? Naaah. Your mom's instructions say -- I'm the dog; love me! Sounds like they are being precisely followed.

    Sending you tons of pets, hugs and lovies today, sweet girl!
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    Awwww I agree with Elyse. No spoiling going on there, just love.

    She is so pretty. I love her white paws and white chest markings. Hugs for her!

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    Awww, Lady, you are a family dog! Of course you are "spoiled" .... we would not expect it any other way!

    Other Pet Talkers - what you might not know is Lady's fur is all very soft, she feels pretty much like velvet to hug! Unlike her Lab side or Dalmatian side, her hair never got coarser as the ages - she's just special that way!
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    Lady has the good life, thats for sure! Give her some extra pets from me.

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    How is Lady doing, anyway? She was having some health issues last Spring, wasn't she? If you updated, I must have missed it.
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