My backyard has an 8 foot fence that encloses it, and the majority of the yard is a pool. In late June this year a truck drove through the alley behind our house at a high rate of speed, drove through my fence and into our pool. At the time this occured, my dogs were in the back yard. One was very scared, and ran through the now existing 45 foot gap in our fence circled arounbd to the front of the house and was trying to get in the front door. She had releaved herself, and in a nasty state so I put her in our laundry room. The other could not be found.

My first objective though was to get the person out of the truck before he drowned.
The police arrived with an ambulence, and took care of the person so I could focus on the dogs. I could not see anything wrong with her, so I cleaned her up and took her to the vet to be safe. I also had neighbors searching for my other dog that was in the backyard too.

When they removed the truck from the pool is when we found the other dog, pinned under the truck. Nothing could have been done, but it was the other dogs constant companion since being a puppy. At 5 years old, she is kind of lonely. We borrowed a dog, for a few weeks to see if that woulkd help but the fear is so extreme.

While we waited for the fence to be repaired, we took her for multiple walks a day. But found she was scared of any car/truck that drove by. We have not been able to get this fear out of her. She also will not poop outside, she waits and then sneaks into our parlor to do the dead, then burst out running to hiude because she did something she iknows she is not supposed to do.

Since the fence is repaired, she will not go in the back yard. You can force her, which will leave a wet trail as he cowers to go outside. Once ther she will cry, wimper, and trys every means to dig out of the yard.

The dog is a newfoundland. It was odd enough she hates water, but to hate going outside is difficult to handle. At 140 pounds she can leave a good size pile in the house.

We have tried blocking rooms off, spray, pads, just about anything you can think of. All we can think of was that she was laying around where the truck came through the fence. We are at completely lost and what we can do? She still loves to go for walks, as long as there are no cars driving around. As soon as one drives by, she is in flee mode to get home.

Suggestions welcome, and appreciated.