Everything was fine this morning..dogs were their usual selves.. only that they were opening the gate of the backyard.. but it goes to another section of the backyard... so nothing to worry.. only that i use the space to separate dogs when needed.. in this case the lil bully I took in a week ago was there.. so they were all playing together nicely..

around noon I went with my inlaws to celebrate my baby's bday.. (I had already had a bday party with my side of the family when my older kid had his).. anyway.. around 5pm my dad called me saying he was on the roof and saw China laying quite weird, so he stared at her until he saw her breathe.. he thought she was dead.. then when he came down he heard her whimper and that's when he called me to rush back home..

so I did..

when I went out she was laying really weird.. and I thought she was gone already.. but saw her chest move.. I ran up to her and started checking her.. nothing seemed weird other than her pupils overly dilated, her eyes were like in a lost gaze.. and not moving.. I called the vet as I was loading her to the car.. we rushed and she was like a rag.. completely flaccid..

the vet started her in IV's.. gave her something to calm her down and to raise her temp.. she was hypothermic.. yes, a husky was stone cold ..
her breathing and heart rate was not good, pupils non responsive and super dilated.. she was having spasms..

vet thinks she was poisoned.. what's weird is that there is no access to my backyard unless from the neighbors backyard.. my yard is like a plain rectangle of dirt with a brick grill and a dog house.. so there are no toxic fluids or stuff laying around.. no anti-freeze.. no nothing.. unless a poisoned animal got in and she ate it.. but the worrying part is the fast way it took her down..

she did got a lil better after 3 hrs of fluids and medication.. she was left to spend the night over there.. and we'll see how she responds.. so it's a wait and see type of deal.. ..

please keep her on your thoughts