OK! Friends and any rescue friends here! Anybody involved or work for airlines who can do this on their day off?
Anybody going back and forth for the Holidays? Anybody want to do this for the hell of it to help these kitties???
Anybody rich and have a private plane? (LOL)
Contact: [email protected] mle65 (AT) hotmail.com

Anybody flying back and forth from New York/ New Jersey to Seattle Washington????
This would be looking for people flying and would have CH cat under the seat.
There are up to 4 Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats who need to be transported to furever homes.

One sky angel is doing but she can only bring one cat on board per passenger.

The kitties' ticket will be paid for, of course! Just need bodies to fly kitty in cabin since Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Also willing to assist in the payment of your ticket too, please see ad posted also. If 2 people are flying together, 2 kitties can go with you. Please see here too about this other offer http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/trv/3398952849.html

The CH Kitty Queen