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Thread: Ethan and Sala wanna say "Hi!" (Ethan is a lobster - post #13)

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    Ethan and Sala wanna say "Hi!" (Ethan is a lobster - post #13)

    Its been a while, but if you don't remember me, then hopefully you remember the kids!

    Ethan wants everyone to know that although he is turning 9 years old next week, and his aunt referred to him as a senior dog the other day, he can still keep the yard squirrel-free! Really, this dog hasn't slowed down at all. The poor guy has had a ton of bladder issues in the past year. Mainly just reoccurring bladder infections that have resulted in x-rays, prostate exams, blood tests, antibiotics, etc. He had the beginning of stones, but we got them taken care of. He'll probably need to have the lipoma on his side (you can kinda see it in this photo) removed sometime during the next year. Its just like the other one we had removed on his other side. The poor kid is getting very familiar with the vet's office!

    Sala is doing great as well. She has officially turned in to mom's dog, though. They are like two old "girlfriends", just sitting around taking naps together, gossiping, and fixing their hair and nails. (: In fact, she will be staying with mum when I make the big move at the end of the month. It took me a long time to finally come to that decision, but I know my mum will need the company (I'm the last one to leave the nest), and its truly evident that Sala and mum are perfect for eachother. Plus, I think Sala will enjoy getting all the attention. Mum already spoils her so much that I told her "If I come to visit and Sala has gained a bunch of weight, I'm stealing her back!" Mum is bad about giving human food to the dogs, but she is getting better.

    Ethan's intense "let me out now" face. Khaith the cat would like to go out, too, but he is banished to be an indoor only cat like our others. Poor cat, he's stuck with a warm bed, a flat screen tv, and all the catnip he could ever want. I abuse him, don't I?

    Sala looks so sad in this photo. I guess I would too if two cats were giving me the hind-end. Poor Sala, I bet she wishes she wasn't on the same level as them...

    Ethan and Adelaide doing what they do best. Actually, I've been doing a lot of this the past two days since I've been sick. The pets are taking good care of me... basically just laying on top of me so I am trapped on the couch instead of moving around doing things. Oh well, being sick and trapped makes for a perfect moment to pop in to PT to see what's going on. I'm sure I've got a lot of catching up to do!
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