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Thread: Pregnancy fatal? Need advice!

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    Pregnancy fatal? Need advice!

    Hey everyone, I need a little advice:

    There are two very adorable dogs that live with me – Lola, a one-year-old AmStaff Terrier about 50 lbs. The second is Bach, a one-year-old St. Bernard weighing about 125 lbs.

    The problem: Lola is going into heat and I imagine they will try to make puppies.

    Neither dog is fixed, and although it would be cool if it were my decision, I don’t have the final say for either of them.

    The question: Is Lola likely to die from giant puppy fetuses? Is it possible for her to get pregnant with puppies so big they would kill her?

    I don’t know of this is an irrational fear and nature will take it’s course, or if this is a legitimate fear.

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    I’ve heard a few sides – If the male dog is too big the female will naturally deny him. The larger the puppies will be, the less of them the female will have. But are these really true?

    I guess I am just scared she will get hurt.

    What do you guys think? Please list your sources – especially if it is something like 30+ years experience with breeding dogs lol
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    Keep them separated all during her heat. It may be inconvenient, but it is the only safe thing to do. The world does not need more unplanned puppies, and it would be better for her health in the long run to get her spayed. Barring that - you said it is not your decision - get "diapers" for her, and keep them separated for the entire duration of the heat.
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    What Karen said!

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    Yes dogs can die from getting pregnant from a dog much larger and the puppies being too big. This is a legitimate fear. Please keep them separated and if possible get them spayed/neutered asap. Many places offer free or discount spay/neuter, especially for pit bulls. The spay/neuter clinic near me will spay/neuter pit bulls for free. Also to be able to deliver the puppies at all she would very likely need a c-section they won't fit through the birth canal, this is an expensive procedure but if she is pregnant and can't deliver the puppies it's either that or she will die.


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