*UPDATE* This cat has till Saturday to find an indoor home or will be taken to a kill shelter*!!! URGENT!!! State College, PA - Foster Home or Home Needed ASAP...DEAF CAT! Ann is the owner of this beautiful blue eye all white kitty. He is 2 yrs old. Fixed, not combo tested but Ann is willing to pay for that to be done. Ann lost her job and had to move in with her father and where he rents, he is not allowed pets. Ann was able to find a lady who wanted to take in him and she must have startled him a bit because he bit her. We have owned a deaf cat and you have to be careful on how you wake them up, etc. This poor guy is currently living in Ann's jeep because he has no place to go. It's cold outside and getting colder. Please give Ann a call at 814-574-7431 if you are able to help. Thanks!

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