I've had this week off of work, so I've had some spare time to check in here. I've tried from work in the past but PT never loads for me there, and I'm hardly ever on my computer at home since I'm on one all day at work. But I try when I get a chance, even if it only means I can browse! I know PTers really love pictures though, so I figured I'd share a random assortment of recent (summer to now) ones of my three with you all since it's been almost three years since I've posted a photo thread. I think Ripley wasn't even a year old at the time. Now he's nearing 4yrs old already (Keira is 5 next month and Dance is almost 6). Most of you I still recognize, so hopefully you still recognize me, but for those that are new or don't remember: Ripley is the red Dobe, Keira is the black Dobe and then Dance of course is my favourite little Toller. Anyhow, I hope all is well with everyone and I hope you enjoy these! There are a lot, but I figured that's ok since it's been so long and everyone loves pictures! Apologies to anyone with slow internet though.

Lots more on the way!