Kyra died on Saturday, November 3rd.

Born on July 11, 2004, Kyra was the last puppy of six, and very obviously the runt. Weighing in at 3 oz, while the others we're pushing one pound, we didn't know how long she'd make it.

Shortly after her birth we realized she had a cleft palate; a hole in the hard and soft palates that didn't allow her the ability to suck or nurse. The vet told us to put her to sleep, that even if she did survive puppyhood he had never known one to live past six. We decided to do what we could and began bottle feeding her every couple of hours.

She learned to sneeze on command to clear her nose and she learned to drink water and tip her head backwards. She was the funniest, liveliest little dog. She loved her family and didn't have much use for anyone else, unless you were throwing her ball or frisbee.

She lived to play. Her favorite toy was a too-big-for-her basketball. She would push it around the yard until it got stuck against the deck or flower bed and she'd start licking it. She licked the leather off of a few really old basketballs. But she could have just a much fun with tennis balls, golf balls or plastic frisbees. At one point she had a fabric frisbee that she'd trip on when she ran because she was so small. The plastic ones she learned to flip up to carry where it would cover her eyes instead of tripping over it. She also enjoyed the golf cart. She could be found sitting on it anticipating a ride or just enjoying her special blanket in a basket napping spot.

She made the house exciting and she could make anyone laugh.

She had been extraordinarily healthy her enter life, except for a few freak accidents, and went downhill quickly this week. She was at the vet on and off all week getting blood tests, IVs & x-rays and they couldn't pin point the exact cause of her lethargy and weakness. They thought an auto-inmune disease. Eventually we made the decision to help her to the bridge, an on our way to the vet to see her & say goodbye, she died on her own.

The littlest wonder who wasn't supposed to live or to live past 6 had eight very happy, enjoyable years.

I was able to take her to the crematory and bring her ashes back to my mom the same day which meant a lot to both of us. As much as I loved Kyra, she was my mom's life and baby. She will definitely be missed by a lot I people.

I'd like to post some pictures later wen I get to a computer.

My parent's house feels so empty now. I am so grateful I could be home this weekend with Kyra & my mom, but it still doesn't seem real :-(