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Thread: Bird eye question

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    Bird eye question

    Hello Everyone!

    Today I was driving and noticed a bird in the middle of the road! I stopped the car to closely inspect this bird and as I thought he is injured. So I got him home and really don't know what to do, this is when you guys come really helpful!!!

    As you can see from the beak shape this is an insect eater rather then seed (or that is what I think!), so that limits the time window I have to get him sorted and free again. He looks very similar to a robin but with the tail coloured rather then the chest.

    Can anyone suggest any eye bath or do you think a trip to the vet is necessary?

    Please give me your views.

    I thank you
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    Now I have no clue why this photo is up side down :/

    Tried to show his bad eye, pls help if you can!



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    Washing off the eyes with saline solution cannot do any harm. Is he moving around normally? If not, you should probably call awildlife rehad place near you, and see what they say!
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    He is moving in d little cage he is bound to, you could see that he's born free though from the way he moves into the cage!
    Karen yes he does move but I'm afraid that I can't feed this fella anything. Plus I don't know if the eye is infected or missing I am also afraid to disappoint you that here we do not have any wildlife rehab centers. Our wildlife is very very limited not like the US!

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    This is our new friend who is just visiting to hopefully get better!!!

    He doesn't look bad this morning tho his eye is not looking good! I will try washing his eye with the saline solution as you told me Karen.

    Any other suggestions are welcome!

    Enjoy our Sunday morning pics


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