Final class was last night!

Photo is over a week ago, Riley and Lacey were watching TV with Dad. Riley in on the left.

No photo today, I took the pups to the Farm and now Riley and Tasha need baths ha haa.

What a difference working with Riley! Last time around, 2 years back, this was Willy, who thought it was his job to bark at all the puppies, and perhaps bite me. The dog prior to him, 2 years prior to that, it was Tasha, scared of her own shadow. Both made it but gee I had SO much work. Lovely to have an easy dog to work with!

Riley has been in Introduction to Agility for 2 weeks already and she is LOVIN' IT!

Dad is in Rehab, probably comes home end of next week. Do NOT like this place he is in at all!