yeah yeah I know.. I have sucker printed on me all over.. haha.. but in my mind I know I'm still not at my limit so maybe that's why I gave it a go (my limit would be 2 more actually.. lol..)

anyway.. long story short.. there was this abandoned pup... I could not leave him there for so many reasons.. but I always had in mind of having a bully.. bull terrier, someday... as it's one of my top 5 breeds.. and this pup happened to be one just a very very neglected one..

took her to the vets.. she was obviously malnourished, dehydrated, had parasites, mange, ear infection, very poor muscular tone, her fur was so coarse and has teeth of a 7yr old dog (who knows what she was eating while roaming on her own).. this was an estimated 6 MONTH old pup but looks as a 3-4 month old sizewise..

she's being treated right now and she's quite ok.. not too depressed..but looks tired... and still she wags her tail, loves to be loved on and quite a really quiet tranquil dog.. maybe because how she feels right now.. but overall a very nice pup..

she's isolated from the rest till she gets better.. she does barks but I've only heard her twice in all this time..

I don't have pics yet.. I've lost my memory cards and the others are full.. but she's a flashy brindle one.. super cute!!

just thought to let you know