Hi Cola in beautiful Findlad! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your proud person!
What a beautiful bunnster boy you are, looking especially beautiful surrounded by all of those colorful fall leaves! How I would love to pet that thick, silky coat of yours, cover that sweet face with smoochies! But as handsome a boy as you are, it's your loving personality that stole my heart! I can only imagine how special it is, to be on the receiving end of those sweet Cola kisses! And even though you and Pepe might have the occasional spat, I have feeling that deep down you love him too! (After all, boys will be boys!)
Your human is one lucky soul, Cola, having a best friend and loving companion in you, and Sissi, the best brother a girl could ever hope for!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, Cola! I hope you and Pepe and Sissi are all treated to a very special Pet of the Day bash, a day filled with lots of love, lots of yummy treats, and endless binkies! (Happy jumps!)
Lots of love, gentle hugs and kisses to you on your much deserved day of honor, beautiful Cola...and cuddles to Pepe and Sissi, too!