Hi Jingles! Happy Pet of the Day to you! What a beautiful, blue Budgie you are! Your coloring is so lovely, and your face, as sweet as they come! Meeting you today especially touched my heart, not only because I love Budgies, not only because you're so very special in your own right, but because I love your name! My beloved, first Lab was named Jingles, so seeing/hearing that name always puts a smile on my face! Now, back to you!

I so enjoyed meeting you today, Jingles...something about a beautiful blue Budgie that lifts the spirits! That you are, Jingles, beautiful and as sweet as they come! But oh my gosh, what an intelligent, talented feathered one you are! Your video left me in awe! I've clicker trained dogs before, but never knew that birds responded to clicker training as well! Simply amazing!

What a beautiful best feathered friend your human has in you, Jingles! You truly are one very special girl, and so very deserving of your ascent to Pet Talk's top perch!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Wishing for you and your person a very special day of celebration, and many, many more wonderful years together!
Lots of love, gentle cuddles and little kisses to you, beautiful Jingles!
P.S...LOVE your photos; all of them are stunning, especially the top one! But that one of you out on the grass, a heart melter!