I purchased a Brita water filter pitcher last month and have been giving the cats filtered water. I have a well on my property and the water is pretty tasty but I figured it might still be good to filter my water since we have had so much rain and there is a cow farm right above me.

Ever since I started giving the cats the filtered water they have been drinking more water, enough so that I noticed. Yesterday I noticed and realized I had not filled their water dish since probably Monday and it was still pretty full.

Rewind back to Monday when I was getting ready for the storm of the century. I had filled a bucket with water and also a new plastic dish pan with clean water to flush the toilets in case the power went out.

This morning while I was getting ready for work I noticed Buddy going into the bathroom. I sneaked up behind him, peeked in the bathroom and there he was drinking the water from the dish pan full of clean water that was still on the floor. At this point I am just cracking up and Buddy is going what's so funny??? Then I realized the dish pan was only about half as full as it was before the storm (I never needed it to flush toilets).

So aren't cats just so funny?