Good morning Peanut! Happy Halloween, and a very happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet baby girl!
What an utterly adorable diva you are, a fashionista without compare...OK, maybe your long distance soul mate, the adorable Chica, might take issue with that! And with that well stocked closet of yours, it's clear you're a girl ready to take on all seasons, and holidays! But as fetching as you are on the outside, it's your sweet and loving personality, your devotion to your people, that wins the day!!! And might I add, you're one most impressive long distance traveler, Peanut, and I'm sure Dave and Mom most appreciated you tolerating that long drive to visit them! What a lucky family, having a furkid as special as you to call their own, and how lucky are we to have you as our very special and most deserving, Halloween Dog of the Day!
Thanks for starting my day off with a BIG smile, cutie pie! Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween, and a fun filled Dog of the Day, being lavished with lots of yummy treats, and lots and lots of love!!!
Love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Peanut!
P.S...Hopefuly Chica will see your thread! You and she could strike up a pawpal friendship, and share a few fashion tips!