Tucker-dog always gets treats.

He knows that the cupboard above the stove is where the treats live and if we talk him up and head there


I grabbed a bag of peanut butter treats from the store.

When TD got one, he'd turn and eat it as soon it was in his mouth.

I thought, "If he loves PB, a bag of meat flavored treats would be better!"

(side note? The treats are a store brand that were on sale.....nothing special.)

I bought a bag of the meat flavored treats and began to give them to the Tuckster.


Now comes the strange part of the story.

When it came time to "treat the dog", he'd take the treat, walk to his blankie or pillow and leave the treat there.

I didn't notice at first, then we started to see treats all over. I got yelled at to "Stop giving the dog treats, he's not eating them......". I tried to figure out why he was leaving them all over the place.


This went on for a while until I accidentally piqued his interest.

Tuck now works for his treats.

I used to play, "hide the treat" with a previous dog. I'd take a treat, put it into my hands, put my hands behind my back and then bring them out from behind my back. He sits patiently while I tell him 'Guess which hand the treat is in!"

He has to choose the hand it's in and if he get is wrong, we play again. He's pretty good at finding the treat, when he picks the right hand it's in, he looks away from the hand and then looks up at me to get my approval.

(we only play three times-he gets the treat after that, right or wrong.)

When he gets the treat he eats it on the spot! No carrying it away and leaving it around the house.

Now if I can get him to sweep and clean for treats? I'd be golden.