Hi All-

As some of you are probably aware, I've been feeding a stray cat that showed up towards the end of September and I've been posting for him trying to locate his owners if there were any. He wasn't like your typical feral cat....he's more a stray b/c he doesn't run from me like my other feral does.

So yesterday morning, I set up my trap (esp. since Hurricane Sandy is going to hit) and I got him within a few minutes. Right now he's super scared and looking for a way to get out. He will allow us to pet him though so I don't know if he can be rehabilitated or not.

The thing is we can't keep him. I called a vet that I usually use for spay and neuter and explained the situation and they are going to fit him in today to get fixed!!!

He needs it too. We are calling him Stormy for right now. After he heals up from surgery and gets some food in his tummy and the storm passes we'll probably release him back out unless we find someone to take him.

Please send prayers and happy vibes for him today!


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