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Buddy is not drooling as much as he used to but he still sneezes time to time. His 3rd eyelid is still showing (3/4) & he sleeps over 20 hrs a day. Im not sure but i dont think hes peeing or pooping. What over the counter stuff can i get to help him along ? His appetite is good & hes drinking water but not much. The vet did give me a refill of clindacure on the 22nd & he said it was for 10 days but it lasted only 7. Hmmmm.
A kitty that isn't urinating or defecating can be a medical emergency in and of itself. His appetite is good, so I'm sure he's voiding his bowels somewhere (if not in the litterbox, then somewhere else, I hate to say...). Nothing OTC will truly help him out. The only SAFE suggestion I have is to ask your vet.