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Thread: New kitten! Sorta...*added a couple pics*

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    New kitten! Sorta...*added a couple pics*

    So my niece's boyfriend is moving and needs a temp home for his kitten for a month or so. So I agreed to take him in. I just got him here today so he's still settling in. I'll post pictures of him later cause he's a cutie. I gave him a bath because he smelled really bad so he hiding under the bed now.

    Anyway. I just found out he hasn't had shots. I'd guess he's around 6 months old? I'm a little worried he might have that sickness kittens can get? I don't know the name of it but I know it can be passed on to other cats. Is there anyway to know if a cat has this? Is there an age they'd show? He seems healthy and energetic.
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