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Thread: New kitten! Sorta...*added a couple pics*

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    New kitten! Sorta...*added a couple pics*

    So my niece's boyfriend is moving and needs a temp home for his kitten for a month or so. So I agreed to take him in. I just got him here today so he's still settling in. I'll post pictures of him later cause he's a cutie. I gave him a bath because he smelled really bad so he hiding under the bed now.

    Anyway. I just found out he hasn't had shots. I'd guess he's around 6 months old? I'm a little worried he might have that sickness kittens can get? I don't know the name of it but I know it can be passed on to other cats. Is there anyway to know if a cat has this? Is there an age they'd show? He seems healthy and energetic.
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    Are you referring to FELV/FIV virus? He can be taken to the vet and tested for this. He really should have a FVRCP shot which is supposed to be in a series of 2-3 shots in kittens. Rabies is only required in certain cities or states. Hopefully he really is healthy and won't give your current cat anything. I look forward to seeing pictures of him.
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    Shots and testing

    The kitty needs a vet visit, not to mention spaying/neutering. I hope the kitty gets the basics .... maybe you could offer to do the foot work if the owner will foot the bill. I would keep kitty confined if the shots and testing are not done. Too risky. My opinion.

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    They don't have any money, nor do I. I have enough for my own pets that's it. I can't make them take the cat in to the vet it's not really my place other then to suggest it which I have.

    He seems healthy. Can cats pass diseases on to dogs too? It's gotta stay in the basement so he doesn't have access to most of the house. My camera battery is charging so I'll try and post pics soon He's a very snuggly kitty. He comes and snuggles on my neck/shoulder at bed time and goes to sleep.

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    Here are a couple pics of him! His name is Charlie.

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    Charlie is very cute. I wish his owner had enough sense and money to be a responsible pet ower and get shots for Charlie and have him neutered. Good Luck while you're keeping him; he really is a nice looking kitten.


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