Oh, dear Charlotte, what a precious little hammie you were. Your photos...your heart melting close-up, and that shot of you cuddled in your Mommy's hand, bring tears to my eyes. I've been mom to, known many hammies over my lifetime, but I don't think any were sweeter than you. It breaks my heart to think you were taken from your Mommy and sister Charlie, long before your time. God must have been in need of a very special furangel to have taken you from her so soon. But though you and she were together for such a short time, your legacy of love is eternal, and the cherished memories you two made, your precious little pawprints, will forever live on in her heart; you've earned your angel wings, and your halo, sweetheart. But until that happy, happy day when you and she are reunited, send down your love from the Rainbow Bridge to comfort her...She misses you so very much. And Charlotte, I just know all of our beloved furangels there at the Rainbow Bridge are throwing you a very special Pet of the Day bash today, with all the iced tea, white cheese and strawberries your little cheeks can hold!

To Charlotte's Mommy...Thank you so much for sharing your precious Charlotte with us, giving us the chance to pay tribute to the very special girl that she was, and just how much she meant to you. I go all teary, picturing her nestled in your pocket, helping you with the housework, you and she and sister Charlie all snuggled together, watching TV. How blessed she was to have had a Mom as caring and devoted as you, and in Charlotte, you had the sweetest most loving furkid a human could ever hope for.

Lots of love to you at the Rainbow Bridge, precious Charlotte, and a big hug to your Mommy.