Our cat Fiona has been scratching at herself and she's been having thinning of the hair around her head and neck and she lost hair on her ears. At first it seemed that it was just on her ears that she lost hair and then we noticed she lost hair around her neck and head b/c she's long hair cat and she didn't look right.

I've been keeping track of her and noticed that her hair feels really dry and straw like. I feed her Purina One Chicken and Brown Rice and before that she was on kitten chow a few months back or so because we had some kittens in the house and it was just easier to feed them all one brand of cat food and everyone did find with that. I used to feed her Purina One Chicken and Brown rice so this isn't anything new that she hasn't had.

Back in April I started to use Cats Pride Fragrance Free cat litter which seems to help our cats with asthma. I have to have a low magnesium food for our cats because Osiris tends to get bladder infections so I have to watch the food I'm feeding them. I didn't know if anyone else here has had a problem like this or not.

I have a feeling a vet trip is needed.

I've attached a photo where you can see her ears a bald which is just weird because she doesn't scratch at them and I've checked them for ear mites and they are super clean. Everyone was given flea medicine too about 2 weeks ago just as a precaution since we had 2 kittens in the house for about 2 hrs that had fleas.

She does have some marks on her but I can't tell if that's from her scratching at her neck or not. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Melissa

(She's the long hair tortie)

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