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HOUSTON, TEXAS!!! CH KITTEN Needs Rescue or adopter ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Debbie ~

My name is Delyne . I rescued a Turkish Van that has cerebellar hypoplasia about a year ago. I found him at our storage facility. He was estimated to be 6 months old and weighed a pound and a half. He was starved, dehydrated and "abnormal" in his movements. I took him to numerous places for help and they all wanted to put him to sleep. I took him to my vets and they all agreed except one: Dr. Dale Lonsford. He told me about Cerebellar Hypoplasia and explained to me that, if we could nurse him back to health, he could live a long happy life. So I put him on insurance and ... long story short, he is now healthy and happy except for the CH. I planned on keeping him forever. But I have now taken a job that requires me to travel extensively and be gone for weeks at a time. Rabbit (so named because of the CH making him sit like one...) is alone too much and not getting the care and attention he needs. I need to find a home for him asap. I hate to do this but I have to put him first! I have to put his needs ahead of my emotions.

Can you help me? I am in SE Houston but I will drive as far as it takes to get him somewhere safe and sound and to people who will love him as much as I do.