I normally don't post just stories, but this is by far the best.

I am getting ready for a bike ride, and I think Mikey thinks I am taking him hiking because I usually bring the same things when I do either one. But anyway, he always feels the need to be annoying if I am taking too long. He starts trying to steal my shoes. My shoe was on my foot and he's knawing on it. So I finally kicked him out of the bathroom, which is right next to me bedroom. I am sitting in there and I see him go into my room. He proceeds to pick up my 5 POUND barbell and has it in his mouth like a toy. He play bows at me and tries to run down the stairs with it. The dope didn't realize how heavy it was and proceeded to almost drop it down the stairs.

I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes. He is SUCH a jerk! SUCH a sneak!! Me and my mom got a great laugh out of it.