I saw a Litter Genie a few weeks ago at Target ($15) and thought I'd give it a try. I have trash pickup at the house, so all I have to do is take the dirty stuff outside, but honestly it's a pain to try to find a bag to put everything in and sometimes I just don't want to go outside just to dump kitty litter.

I love this thing! I scoop the box every day now since it's right next to the catbox and I don't need to find other supplies or go dump stuff afterward. I only have Toby now (Havoc went to live with my parents) and the LG will hold about 10 days worth of dirty litter before I have to dump it. It was juuuuuust beginning to smell at that point, and only when I had the little trap-door open to drop a fresh load.

I've only had it about 2 weeks but I like it so far. I am considering getting one for my parents, because they do NOT have trash pick up at their house and they have to store their garbage in the garage until they make a trip to the dump. Week old dirty kitty litter isn't pleasant, as most of you know, LOL.

Has anyone had one for longer than a few weeks? What is your long(er)-term opinion of it? My only forseeable issue is that the only place I saw the refills for sale was at Target, although I'm sure I can find them online. I'm nowhere near the point of needing a refill yet though, so I have time to shop around.