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SNOW WHITE (A17515226) *Super Senior*
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who's the most super senior of them all? Snow White, of course! At 17-years-old, Snow White is owed her fairy tale ending. After spending her whole life with her family, Snow White finds herself in the shelter after her family moved and didn't bring her along. As beautiful as any fairy tale princess, Snow White has a stunning coat, as white as freshly fallen snow, and golden-green eyes that sparkle like gems. Snow White was understandably scared when she first arrived, but after a couple days has settled in enough to let her enchanting personality emerge. She may not have seven dwarves to make her feel at home, but her volunteer friends are a close second! After a few initial hand sniffs, Snow White will gracefully lower her head for rubs and pets. This affectionate girl also adores chin rubs and ear scratches, and, if you happen to stop, will politely nudge your hand for more! This little lady is such a sweetheart, and at barely seven pounds, you just want to scoop her up in your arms for snuggling. But don't let her senior status fool you- Snow White is still as spirited as ever. She loves to talk and will engage you in some serious conversation! This special girl is waiting for her Prince (or Princess) Charming to whisk her from the shelter and into her forever home- can you help ensue that Snow White's story has a happy ending?

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These cats are located at Philadelphia's animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email [email protected]. Please visit for more information.

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