Introducing Humphrey Bogart, our Great Dane. We call him Bo for short, and he just turned four years old in August.

He's very affectionate. He loves to run outside. He knows how to sit and give you his paw. What makes him different from the other Great Danes that we have had is he is very playful. He likes to chase me and my mom. When he's playing with us inside the house, if my mom and dad's bedroom door is open, he will jump onto the bed. When my mom yells for him to get off, sometimes he will run in circles on the bed and then just lay down in the middle! He likes to swim in the pond but he hates baths. He is a funny dog, but we all love him!

Awww, Bo! You are handsome and smart! How fun that you get up on the bed and then lie down in the middle when you're asked to get off ... "No, thanks, I will stay here, Mom!" I have a friend who was the "staff" of a Great Dane so I have gotten to enjoy their gentle love, spirit and loyalty. I like your white socks on your back feet -- are your front feet white, too? You are every bit as handsome as the actor you're named for, Bo! I hope you have a wonderful day as our Dog of the Day! Big, big, BIG hugs to you from me