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    What a wonderful story! Mystery is a very handsome fellow, and you both are very lucky!

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    Mystery, you are such a handsome boy and I love your unique name. You are one very lucky cat to have made a wonderful cat loving friend and now you have a wonderful loving and caring forever home. Congrats on being COTD!!!
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    Mystery, you are wonderful indeed- and you picked a mom who is an excellent writer as well which makes you even more special. Your story deserves to become a classic of making friends- just like Antoine de Saint Exupéry's story of the prince and the fox.
    You certainly found the right purrson for you- and may you live happily together for a long long time to come.

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    I opened the back door, cried out "Meow?" and the bush went "Meow-wow!" and a familiar wet streak made a mad dash for the welcoming door, and as I snapped it shut, my new friend found his bed, did circles on top of it, sampled his food, but knowing fully why I was doing all this, he opened his golden eyes wide, and in silent cat language, and thanked me from the bottom of his kitty-heart. To this day, nine years later (and adapted to becoming a fully indoor pet) he reminds me every day just how grateful he is.

    So why did I choose the name Mystery for him? So many unanswered questions I have about where did he come from, why was he neutered but had no collar, how could he have lived for about a year on his own and remain in perfect health, who taught him to use the litter box, how did he come to me, and to this day not tolerate another person to come anywhere near him, why is he so well behaved and never gets into trouble, and the weirdest one of all ... why does a nineteen-pound solid tomcat still to this day ask to climb on to my shoulder and beg to be carried around? What else could I name this incredible being?

    He is the most gentle, loving animal I have ever met, always wanting to sit with me and purr away. He teaches me new things, such as how to pet play with him differently, how he loves to go on a hunt finding hidden toys and proudly trot through the house announcing his achievement. We have become best friends, and I am just as thankful every day, too, for the marvelous and mysterious gift left for me to treasure.
    Oh my goodness, Mystery! You came to your person because you just knew that would be the right forever home for you. No one else's home would be the one. I would love to watch you hunt for toys or see you purr from your person's shoulders! You are gorgeous with your beautiful tuxedo coat and your amazing golden eyes. Please have your person give you a whole ton of hugs, snuggles, kisses, lovies and petting for me today (some for Miss Blasty-Pants too, please ) Happy Cat of the Day to you, precious Mystery!
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    My goodness Mystery what a heart warming story your person has shared! It brought tears to my eyes. It's so amazing the way the two of you became a pair! This was such a beautifully written story -one that I will be sure to read again and again! Wishing you both a wonderful fun filled day. Congrats on being today's Cat of the Day -you truly deserve it!!!

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    Your story made me cry.

    I'm glad there was a happy ending for Mystery - thanks to you. You are a good person!

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    What a beautiful cat and bless you for rescuing him!!!!

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    you are beautiful kitty and very lucky to have a puuurrrrrson care and love you.. i love you dear mystery.. cats are a mystery and you are certinally one of them.. lovely cat of the day to you dear mystery.. pat n diane 20121015.0815

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    I really loved this! A true mystery about love, trust and companionship between a wonderful cat and a very fine person! And a happy ending for both! So glad to see Mystery as COTD today, I wish you the best for all the years ahead! Peace and love

  10. What a story! And one thing that is NOT a mystery is how well you have adjusted to being a beloved - and loving kitty.

    Pats on your tummy, a kiss on your adorable pink nose (delivered by your purrson of course!) and congrats to our Cat of the Day...Mystery!!

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    What a beautiful story! Happy COTD Mystery.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

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    Marvelous Mystery!

    Wow...your story is one of the best I've read here! I am so glad that you and your pet parent bonded so well! And it is indeed a mystery...and a miracle - that you remained healthy during your time out on the street!
    Mystery - you are a cutie too. You look like my 12-year old fat cat, Crunch!
    I'm sure that everyday is Cat of the Day for you, Mystery!

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    Cats have their ways of ferreting out the good'uns

    A couple of days late with this, alas. Mystery and his human companion have such a wonderful and gratifying story to tell! All of my cats down the years have been rescues. I even brought two back to the States with me when I repatriated. All of these cats adopted me, and whilst most of them showed that they were indeed willing, I have never experienced such cat determination and openess as reported here of Magic. This is a very heartwarming story! Humans often seem rather a rum lot, but cats have their ways of ferreting out the good'uns.

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