So a lot has happened since I last checked in. I got a trap at Harbor Freight for $20.00, so I thought it would be a piece of cake to catch this little one now! Yeah, right!!!!! Turns out he must be so tiny yet that he doesn't trip the trap - drat! I've gone thought 2 cans of cat food a day, and every time I go back the food is gone but the trap is still wide open. I figured at the very least, with all the food he's been getting, pretty soon he'll gain enough weight to trip the trap. until then, to help things along, I put some rocks gently on the plate that trips the lid, just to add a little weight to help the little one along.

So, tonight we're eating dinner and the phone rings. It's the people next door to where the trap is. They tell me he's in the trap - I've caught him! Hooray! Hop in the golf cart and away I go. Pull in the lot, shine the lights on the trap and oh s**t, that's no little kitten, that's a full blown adult feral, rolling around trying to get out and hissing at me - oh s**t!!!

Well, I'm already committed, so I covered the cage and the cat calmed down. I was able to get it home and animal control will be here in the morning to pick him/her up. This is NOT what I signed up for! needless to say, this kitty is NOT Robin's succession plan!