Don't know if you all remember Flame,

but here we go again......

The other night we were walking Jackie and we heard this pathetic little meow, several times. It sounded like, and I knew in my heart it was a hungry kitty, so I rushed home, got a flashlight and some food. Rushed back to where we heard the meows and started calling for the kitty and shining the flashlight. Nothing. So I left the food in hopes he'd find it.

So today I'm on my way back from doing laundry (I take the golf cart to do laundry) and this pathetic, scrawny, half starved kitten is barely making his way across the street. Now this is a street in our resort so it's not like a busy city street, but he's practically dragging himself across the street - head down, tail down, no energy....I come to a screeching halt and think I can fool him into thinking I have food in my hand. I get close, but not close enough, and all the while he's meowing pathetically at me. I rush home and get some ham, I get back and he's gone - drat! I look around calling for him and I find him, but he runs back across the street and under a parked motorhome - I follow. He scoots into another lot, under some patio furniture that is covered, but he peeks out at me. I creep forward, hand outheld with ham at the very tip of my fingers. I get the ham right up to his nose and he won't bite - little shit! I eventually got close enough to make a grab for him and I actually touched him, but he scooted away at the last minute - drat! I had to go so I rushed home again and made a plate of fancy feast, went back and left it where I last saw him and hoped he'd find it.

Went back later and half the plate was eaten - yes! I didn't get him, but at least he got some food in his belly. I'm going to keep trying in the next few days, and at the very least he'll get food on a regular basis to make him stronger so he can grow a bit and maybe start taking care of himself......unless he lets me catch him.

He's Siamese looking with the light coloring and blue eyes, but not flame point like Flame. I'm estimating him to be at least 4 months old. He's scrawny, but not tiny tiny like flame was. Hopefully I'll be able to catch him soon and I can get a picture for you all.

And NO this is NOT Robin's succession plan. We really don't want a kitten, but I'd be happy to trade a kitten for an adult that won't bat at Jackie.