Greetings Priscilla! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
What a beautiful 'tile you are, sweetheart, and just as your human says, quite the natural model! With those stunning good looks, and that sweet, expressive face, it's no wonder you love posing for the camera! And if I were as pretty as you, I'd be spending tons of time preening, looking at myself in the mirror, too! (You never know when your Mom might pull out that camera...gotta be ready for your close-up!)
How lucky your young person is to have been chosen by you to be her/his forever human, to have a best feathered friend as joyful, and loving and devoted as you. You've only been with your family but a short while, Priscilla, but already you've taken your rightful place in their hearts, forging one very special bond that will only grow stronger and deeper over the coming years!
Thanks for brightening my cold, dark and gloomy day with your bright spirit and rosy "cheeks", your lovely photos and heartwarming story! Hope you and your family all, enjoy a very special day of celebration!
Lots of love, skritches and little kisses to you, precious Priscilla!
P.S...That "snap" of you holding your treasured Golden Nugget is the best!