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Cumberland County SPCA
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Hello Friends,

Please cross-post and share our urgent cats and kittens! The CCSPCA is still full with cats and kittens. These are several of many that need help. We have cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes that can be adopted or rescued. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested or able to help one or any of these. Thank you for your help!

*URGENT* Meet Drippy! All the statistics say that Drippy won't find a home- She's a senior cat, she's all black, and our poor old girl has an ear infection. But we're going to focus on her positives to help change her luck! She's super affectionate and has a playful personality, her facial features are absolutely striking, and she arrived at the shelter spayed and declawed. ;

Boris is a very handsome beige Turkish Angora / DMH who arrived as as a stray at the shelter. He is continually passed over, which is shocking as this guy is extremely laid-back and loving. He will make a wonderful addition to a family or rescue.

Michi is a truly beautiful dilute torti who is also a Manx. Michi has been with us too long; she urgently needs placement. It's really unfortunate, as Michi is absolutely gorgeous. Her markings are truly unique, in addition to her adorable stub tail. Michi is under a year old and very sad to be in the shelter for so long.

Lexi and Calli- Calico Kittens survivors of cruelty! These gorgeous calico kittens, Lexi and Calli, had a very difficult start to their young lives- they were rescued by CCSPCA cruelty agents after reports that they were being kicked like footballs by children. Fortunately, these beautiful little girls were not seriously injured and are ready to be adopted or rescued. ;

Sweet (Siamese/Calico?) and Sally (Siamese/Torti?) are sisters- both are 3 years old and spayed. They were released because their family is moving. They appear to be very bonded, constantly sleeping together and going back to each other. Both cats are fine with the litterbox and lived with kids aged 6 and up. They are very sweet and affectionate.

Agatha is a beautiful grey cat who is 12 years old. She appears to be a Russian Blue mix and has a wonderful personality. Agatha has the cutest habit of sticking her tongue out. Despite this, she has been passed over and over time and time again. She's a lovely cat that deserves a great home to spend her golden years!

Sweet Zinnia is a 4 year old spayed female who is Declawed on all 3 paws! She is currently being treated for URI. Zinnia is shy and very sweet. She was certainly someone's housepet at some point and desperately wants a chance to find a new home.

This baby is our precious little Dilute Torti Mistletoes is seeking a foster home or rescue since she's too little to be adopted! She's a very sweet little kitten, about 5-6 weeks old. She loves to snuggle, but has a fun personality too!

Asha was featured in one of previous urgent postings- she had a litter of 6 kittens. She went into foster care with her kittens and made it through a long illness- now all her kittens have been adopted and she is back at the shelter. While she has bonded with one person, with whom she purrs and loves, Asha is very skittish- probably could be considered semi-feral. We are seeking proper placement for this girl. After seeing her kittens through to safety, we want to find a safe place for her too.

Lydia's photos do not do her justice- she is actually a Silver Tabby- absolutely gorgeous! She is 2 years old and a very low-key lady. She would make a great lap cat and needs to get out of the shelter ASAP!

Thank you! If you are with a rescue and are interested and able in helping the CCSPCA with our cat/kitten overflow (even if not right now), please submit our Rescue Application!

Maria S.
Foster Care Coordinator
Cumberland County SPCA
[email protected]

"For one little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand.
I will love you with my whole heart.
I will make you whole."