When Oscar had his checkup last year he was overweight and had a dental condition called FORL. 3 - 4 of his teeth had already been resorbed into his gums, and another 7 teeth had to be extracted. He recovered well, but the stress brought on a bladder blockage a month later. He was an expensive kitty - but worth it!

Today - his teeth were great (there were a few left!). He has lost 1 lb since January of this year. He has a wart-size growth on his chin; the vet's gut feeling is that it is a cyst and harmless, as there is regular fur growth on it. So I'll keep an eye on it.

His heart rate is good, but the vet couldn't check for a murmur as Oscar was purring the whole time and very relaxed and affectionate!

NOTE: I have been using Biotene in the cats' drinking water and my vet said that was a main reason why Oscar's teeth were good. To start the Biotene and keep it up after a dental keeps the tartar away.

Very glad my boy is healthy!