Keli Halteman of Halteman's Haven, which recently closed down, has cats now that need homes:

Cats ranging from ages 6 months and up!
We have NO place to do adoptions!
Please Please Share!

These guys are all 6-8 months. They have great personalities!
1. Prince Charming; 2. Booie; 3. Mr. Goodbar; 4. Snickers; 5. Legna; 6. Alladin and Booie; 7. Moma Cat; 8. Adam; 9. Jackie

There are still about 10 or so more that need homes.. they're older.

Obviously we are receiving minimal donations. We are still constantly going to the vet. We had a round of URI with the younger ones last month and took everything we had.
We did have a successful online auction that helped us raise more funds, but then one of our previous adopted kittens became very ill along with one of the older ones and an emergency injury.
We paid over $400 just last week on vet bills.

This basically wiped us out.

We are still NOT taking any in, but, there was an abandoned 4 wk old kitten in the parking lot of Kroger that people kept walking over, I couldn't leave him there.. His name is Diddy.
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He was extremely emaciated, full of fleas, hardly any hair and a scratched eye. He is on eye drops for the eye but doesn't seem to be getting better, but not getting worse. He is now chubby and his hair is growing back. He will be a long hair with silver tips.. Going to be gorgeous!

Then an emergency situation came with another black male with his tail in bad shape. His name is Sanchez.
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Severe injury to his tail, running consistent high fever, not walking very well.. then we discovered that he might have had flea spray put on him that was specified to be used outdoors on grass... so poison is a concern. We cannot do anything about his tail at this time as his fever is not letting go.

And for those of you on Facebook, we are doing another auction. Most of the items are of jewelry that Keli handmade herself. If you are interested, click here: You will need to "like" the page in order to view the items.

But we have no choice. If you can spare a dollar or two, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Keli and Marla

If anyone is interested in one of our babies, please let us know. We have the lowest adoption fee of anyone around! If you are one of our donors, your adoption fee is waived!!! This goes for your friends and/or family. We just want homes for our babies!!!